Typewriter People, lovers of old books, well-read, often the technological counterbalance to early adopters, people who seek out the first-generation of any and all consumer technology. While they embrace the newest and latest, we typewriter types hold on to things that are vintage and outdated. We are the record players to their iPods.

This is not to say we are Luddites. We are not. We are more thoughtful and selective than those who consume technology almost indiscriminately. The thesis of this magazine is that there are a lot of us out there, and it is a group whose potential contributions are being shunted aside because of limited opportunity and the headwinds of recession.

We at typewriterpeople.com have a fascination with authors and writers of all kinds. The site is built on the concept of democratizing communication and tearing down barriers to meaningful exchange of information on almost any topic. Far from dismissing the self-published, the print-on-demand author, or the digitally published, we seek out inspiration and contributions from these vast treasure troves. Our contributors often write from an outsider’s perspective in the tradition of pamphleteers and guerrilla publishers, and we like it that way.

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